Piano Support Service

When looking for piano movers, don’t hire just anyone.  Look for one who is LICENSED and INSURED. Harmonie provide moving and tuning service for students as well as others.

  • Piano/Organ Moving
  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Repair
  • Piano Repaint

How often should a piano be tuned?
Most piano manufacturers recommend 3 to 4 tunings during the first year, and 2 tunings each year thereafter. Teachers, professional pianists, bar and restaurant owners should have their piano tuned more often, depending of the frequent use of the instrument. Please, note that a piano requires a tuning at least once a year, even if you do not use the instrument for a long period of time.

What is the best time of the year to tune a piano?
When seasons change, the humidity and/or temperature levels inside the home or location where the piano is located will change also. Humidity and/or temperature changes can have a great effect on the tuning of the piano. The best thing to do is keep the tuning record constant. If your piano is tuned once a year, keep it tuned every year around the same time, whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring. If your piano is tuned twice a year, keep it tuned every year around the same time. If your piano has not been tuned for a long period of time, or is badly out of tune, have it tuned as soon as possible, whatever the season is.

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