Violin Class

Learning to play the violin does seem daunting, however it is possible with some effort and a good mentor.

In addition, learning to play the violin can be affordable with the right knowledge of where to get the violins and finding a great violin teacher who can groom you quickly.

Playing the violin is not an easy task as it requires mastering the correct posture and techniques. Picking up bad habits during the infant learning stages can be more deterimental than not having any violin skills.

In Harmonie Music & Art, we have excellent violin teacher and teaching methodology to teach our students.

Course Duration: 30 minutes per class and once per week. (Individual)
Age: 4 years old or above.
Theory/Practical: Both Theory and Practical available.
Available on Saturday and Sunday.

ONE free trial lesson available for new student. For more details information, please contact 017-7897975.

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